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Case Study: Climate Rental Solutions for Doogood Surface Coatings

Customer Success Story

Six diesel heaters delivered for a last-minute spray painting job.


  • Our 24/7 service meant the job was turned around out of hours, to ensure the project achieved ideal results.
  • When it comes to spray painting surfaces, atmospheric conditions and temperature can play havoc with drying time and results.


As surface coating specialists, the team at Doogood Surface Coatings are all too familiar with the impact weather and conditions can have on the finished product of a project.

In May 2020, Doogood Surface Coatings got in touch with Climate Rental Solutions asking for our help – and timescales were tight. They were spray painting components for a steel pergola with fast turnaround required, but the conditions on the day were far from ideal.


“The atmospheric conditions on the day of the top coating were just not suitable for painting – by working with Climate Rental Solutions to source diesel heaters for the project, we were able to lift the temperature of the room and the substrate to an acceptable level, to ensure the results we needed were achieved,” says Jarrod Goodes, managing director, Doogood Surface Coatings.

“We’ve dealt with Troy and the team at Climate Rental Solutions in similar situations in the past, and they’ve never let us down.”

Timing was critical with this project – the Doogood Surface Coatings team realised there was an issue with the conditions at 7pm on the Thursday night, and by 9am the following morning we had six diesel heaters set up onsite.

“The rapid response meant our job was completed in time, and we had happy customers all round. I’d absolutely recommend the Climate Rental Solutions team: excellent customer service, the product worked exactly as we were told it would, and the turnaround time was unbelievable,” Jarrod Goodes.

“Jobs like this are exactly why we offer a rapid 24/7 service,” says our director, Troy Donegan.

“Unpredictable factors like the weather can wreak havoc on projects, which is where our climate control solutions can really save the day.” When you’re under pressure for heating or cooling solutions, our extensive range of equipment and 24/7 service means you can count on us for a last-minute fix. No two jobs are the same, so we’ll tailor a solution to suit your requirements.


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