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Industrial Air Ventilation for Hire Melbourne & Brisbane

Climate Rental Solutions has a comprehensive range of ventilation and extractions fans for hire and sale that are available for immediate delivery throughout Melbourne and Brisbane. We stock a large range of man cooler fans, carpet blowers and extraction fans commonly used for confined spaces, construction sites, factory ventilation, film sets and flood restoration.

24/7 service and delivery Melbourne & Brisbane wide

DF900 900mm Drum Fan

  • •  3 high velocity aluminium blades
  • •  Slimline drum design
  • •  Stand with adjustable tilt
  • •  Low amp draw

DF600 600mm Drum Fan

  • •  3 high velocity aluminium blades
  • •  Slimline drum design
  • •  Stand with adjustable tilt
  • •  Low amp draw

Power Breezer Misting Fan

  • •  23,800 m3/hr Airflow
  • •  322 Litre Water Reservoir
  • •  Compact and Durable
  • •  Quiet operation

AAM 110 Axial Fan

  • •  2 Speed
  • •  1/4 Horsepower
  • •  Portable and lightweight
  • •  Quiet operation

AAS 800 Air Scrubber

  • •  Variable speed flow
  • •  Compact and lightweight
  • •  Low amp draw
  • •  2 stage filter system

IEF 400 Airmover

  • •  400mm Diameter
  • •  Rugged Polyethylene Construction
  • •  1 Horsepower Motor
  • •  Can be Ducted

SIEF 300 Extraction Fan

  • •  300mm Diameter
  • •  Rugged Steel Construction
  • •  3/4 Horsepower Motor
  • •  Can Be Ducted

IEF 300 Extraction Fan

  • •  300mm Diameter
  • •  Rugged Polyethylene Construction
  • •  1 Horse Power
  • •  Can be Ducted

Pedestal Fan

  • •  750mm diameter
  • •  3 speed fan setting
  • •  Oscillating
  • •  Low amperage

MB 50 Mancooler Fan

  • •  Exclusive to Climate Rental Solutions
  • •  500mm Diameter
  • •  Rugged Polyethylene Construction
  • •  Adjustable Airflow

Check out our new Radic VK401 Virus Killer for hire

Part of the Rentokil Viruskiller Air Purifier range, the VK 401 is the ideal unit of air steriliser for smaller commercial spaces such as medical and dental surgeries, offices, care homes, classrooms, government buildings, single patient rooms, waiting rooms, childcare facilities, leisure facilities. Combining pre filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and the reactor cell of 8 super UVC lamps with 40 titanium dioxide hexagon filters makes it the ultimate solution for spaces up to 60 square meters.

Portable air scrubber hire range 

The Husqvarna A1000 is one of the most advanced portable air scrubbers available on the market. It is tested and certified for use as both an air cleaner and a negative air machine. Thanks to a reliable filter system and a design that is perfectly matched to operation with HEPA class H13 filters, that are tested and certified at an efficiency rate of 99.99% at 0.3 microns, the air cleaner puts out superior air quality.

The AFD3350 Air Scrubber is a large portable high performance air purifier designed and made in Australia. It delivers a huge 3350 m3/hr of HEPA filtered air while drawing less than 4 amps of power. It has a H13 filter but also has the option of a H14 filter.

The AAS 800 Air Scrubber is a compact portable high performance air purifier. For maximum flexibility it features variable airflow and can be operated vertically or horizontally. It delivers 800 m3/hr of HEPA filtered air while drawing less than 2 amps of power. It also has the option of a carbon filter. Available to rent or buy.

Portable extraction fan hire range 

The SIEF 300 extraction fan is made from a rugged steel construction and is 300mm in diameter. The SIEF 300 is extremely powerful and can be ducted up to 35m. A real favourite of the construction industry. 

The IEF300 inline extraction fan is built to ventilate small to medium sized industrial areas with the highest level of efficiency. Made from polyethylene this unit is very duarable, boasts a high volume of airflow and can be ducted up to 35m.

24/7 service and delivery Melbourne & Brisbane wide

We can deliver extraction fans, carpet blowers & man cooler fans,  anywhere across Melbourne and Brisbane, keeping your business running with minimal disruption or downtime.

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