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Portable Heaters For Hire in Melbourne & Brisbane

Our range of commercial grade, reverse cycle and portable heat pumps is an instant option for warming up areas such as small offices, retail shops & temporary buildings. These Intelligent Control Systems are lightweight and portable, and come with all the necessary operating accessories to maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature when hired.

The size and functionality of the reverse cycle heat pumps and air conditioners, makes these versatile, cost-effective, and popular for heating and cooling smaller areas of space, whether it’s required for water damaged areas or temporarily keeping the office space (and it’s occupants) comfortable during building maintenance or repairs.

If you’re unsure of the correct equipment to hire for your event or building, contact us and speak to one of our experienced staff who will direct you to the most suitable heating or cooling solution.

24/7 service and delivery Melbourne & Brisbane wide

ERPH 2.0 Electric Panel Heater

  • •  Inbuilt thermostat
  • •  Easy-glide castors
  • •  Automatic safety shut off feature
  • •  

GA 150 Air Conditioner

  • •  Reverse Cycle - 4.4kW Cooling, 4.7kW Heating
  • •  Lightweight and portable
  • •  Intelligent electronic control
  • •  Quiet operation

WPH 136 Heat Pump

  • •  4.3kW Heating
  • •  4.0kW Cooling
  • •  Intelligent Control Panel
  • •  Automatic restart

WPH 168 Heat Pump

  • •  5.5kW Heating
  • •  4.9kW Cooling
  • •  Intelligent Control Panel
  • •  Automatic restart

Portable Heater Hire – 24/7 service and delivery Melbourne & Brisbane wide

We can deliver portable heaters anywhere across Melbourne and Brisbane, keeping your business running with minimal disruption or downtime.

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