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Rent Packaged Air Conditioners

Packaged air conditioners are extremely versatile and suitable for a range of applications and environments. These units are reverse cycle and are able to provide both cooling and heating when required year round. Our packaged air conditioners are also forklift friendly and easy to move as needed.

What is a packaged air conditioning system?

Unlike Split Ducted systems, packaged air conditioners have all of its components in a single casing. Due to their compact size they are perfect for a range of small and large spaces including temporary buildings, factories, gymnasiums, workshops, events and many other large spaces. They are also energy efficient and leave a small footprint, providing excellent performance year round.

Looking for a long term air conditioning solution?

We also have long term rental rates to choose from as well, so please contact our experienced team for more information. We can certainly assist with any queries or questions you may have in making the right choice for your needs.

Service and delivery Melbourne & Brisbane wide

We can deliver your packaged air conditioner anywhere across Melbourne and Brisbane, keeping your business running with minimal disruption or downtime.

Speak to our specialist team

For more information about our range of packaged air conditioners for rent or purchase please contact our team today on 1300 447 247.

FSS 238 Air Conditioner

  • •  7.0kW Cooling
  • •  7.3kW Heating
  • •  Thermostat Fitted
  • •  Forklift Friendly

PA 28 Air Conditioner

  • •  28kW Heating Capacity
  • •  28kW Cooling Capacity
  • •  Thermostat Fitted
  • •  Forklift Friendly

PA 45 Air Conditioner

  • •  45kW Heating Capacity
  • •  46kW Cooling Capacity
  • •  Themostat Fitted
  • •  Forklift Friendly
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