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The Advantages of Spot Coolers in Data Centres

Maintaining consistent and optimal temperatures in server rooms and data centres can be difficult. Computers and servers require precise temperature management to keep them running efficiently and at peak capacity.

Room temperature fluctuations, defective AC systems, and inadequate, intermittent cooling can lead to overheating equipment. Consequently, computers and servers will be less efficient at best, or, at worst, they can fail or crash altogether. The potential data loss in either scenario can be disastrous for any company.

Portable AC Rental for Melbourne based data centre

There are, however, preventive measures that companies can take to address overheating Рby using portable spot coolers.

In addition to improved temperature control, spot coolers also bring the following advantages:

They are self-contained cooling systems

Installation is quick and straightforward

They are incredibly portable

Spot coolers also dehumidify a room

Efficient energy use

Standard AC units or building HVAC will, at some point, malfunction or breakdown. Even a quick power outage can lead to overheating since AC systems need some time to restart.

Keeping spot coolers or other portable AC units ready will help network and facility managers prepare for and address any situation quickly. When an AC system does fail for whatever reason, spot coolers can provide a quick fix while repairs are ongoing. More on this in the following section.

The Need for Portable AC units

Additional cooling for crowded areas

Hot spots can occur when equipment is in much closer proximity. Portable AC units can provide increase and directed cooling to address these high-temperature areas.

Supplemental cooling for heavy loads

At times, maintenance or faulty equipment will require you to move loads from one group of servers to another temporarily. The additional load will then result in higher working temperatures. Portable air coolers can ensure that these server groups run at an optimal temperature and address the higher heat due to the heavier load.

Backup cooling during central AC system maintenance

Keeping spot coolers and other portable AC units at the ready will prepare you for any possible fluctuations in temperature control. Whether your AC systems need to go through scheduled maintenance or spot repairs, portable air conditioning units will hinder any data (and financial) loss.

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