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Portable Air Conditioner FAQ

What is Portable Air Conditioning?

When you are renting an air conditioner you are essentially hiring a portable air conditioner. Our air conditioners are portable in the sense that the air conditioners can be installed without modification to a building. The size of the portable air conditioner will determine not only the air conditioning capacity but also the portability of the air conditioner itself.

How do portable air conditioners work?

Portable air conditioners essentially work the same way as a built in air conditioning system in that they draw in the warm, humid air and return it cool and dehumidified. All portable air conditioners require a window to allow for condensation to exit outside the building itself.

Why Portable?

There are many reasons why renting a portable air conditioning is a better option for you. Whether you be renting or alternatively have a short term cooling requirement, hiring a portable air conditioner is not only convenient but you also avoid the large outlay required for a more permanent solution. Simply speaking, hiring a portable air conditioner will save you money and you can have an immediate cooling solution.

Why Climate Rental Solutions?

Our portable air conditioners cater for an extensive range of applications whether it is a residential requirement through to site accommodation, offices, warehouses or data centres. Climate Rental Solutions also have a range of commercial packaged units that are ideal for factories, school halls, film sets and marquees.

With an extensive and cost effective portable air conditioning range available for hire today, Climate Rental Solutions are just a phone call away.

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