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M45 Dust Mitigation Unit

Dust Mitigation

M45 Dust control unit provides a powerful, high-speed fan, that projects a cloud of targeted mist (pressurised water) into the air. The fine mist covers a large aerial surface area, attaching itself to the fugitive dust particles to prevent them from being dispersed around your site. The misting technology also cools worksites, dropping the air temperature by up to 10 degrees.

M45 dust migitation unit for hire Melbourne & Brisbane

Dust Suppression Equipment Hire Melbourne & Brisbane

With governments cracking down on Dust Pollution, the M45 Dust control unit is a necessity for Mining, Construction, Demolition & Transfer Station worksites. Designed as an all-in-one solution, the high-powered mist cannon has the ability to throw mist up to 45M, suppressing large areas of dust at an extremely fast rate. Positioned on site in a stand alone position or installed on a utility vehicle, the M45 is built tough, but can be easily moved around site, allowing you to suppress dust in various locations.

The 340 degree oscillation allows you to throw mist in any direction, and can be operated at a safe distance via the wireless remote control. The M45 is the peoples choice when it comes to a cost-effective dust control solution. The M45 is also a great solution for cooling worksites, as the fine mist can drop the air temperature by 10 degrees


Flow Rate
18 L/min of Mist per minute 2 x 30 mist nozzle rings inject mist into the air stream
16kVA Honda/Makinex Electric Start Generator 1 x 32A 3-Phase Port 2 x 240V 15A Ports
Water Tank Capacity
1200 Litres
Weight (Dry)
L 1200mm x W 1900mm x H 2220mm

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